The Creature Within

When I was in massage school, my instructors would often talk about the creature within. It was that knowing, thinking, other intelligence inside. Call it the body wisdom. Call it the subconscious. By any name, it has a lot of opinions—if we’re willing to listen.

My own creature decided I needed a good talking to the night after my recent birthday celebrations. I woke up from a dream in which an inner healer came to me with some stern advice about my health.

The healer told me in no uncertain terms that refined sugars were playing havoc with my hormones and damaging my health. I needed to quit all refined sugars, she said. Then she loaded up my arms with healthy protein sources like lentils.

I woke up and said, “Got it. I’ll cut out the sugars and eat more healthy protein.” And then I got to enjoy a week of sugar withdrawal. Ugh, not fun. But worth it.

Your inner creature has access to information and wisdom beyond what you have. So it’s well worth it to come into relationship with this part of yourself. But you have to be willing to listen.

Listen to what?

Dreams are just one way our inner creatures speak with us. They can also speak in imagery, sensations, symptoms, illness, and spontaneous movements. To start a relationship with your inner creature, try these steps…

First, decide which channel is easiest to tune in to: dreams, images, sensations, or movement.

Second, tell your inner self you’d like to connect.

Third, reach out through the easiest channel. You could ask a specific question or just invite your inner creature to talk through:

  • Dreams: Put a notebook or phone by your bed at night. Ask for communication in a dream. Write down or record whatever comes.
  • Images: Go to a safe, inner space. Invite your inner wisdom to come talk. Be open to what shows up.
  • Sensations: Tune in to a body sensation. Describe it to yourself with words, images, gestures…whatever resonates. Ask your body if the description fits and describes all of it. Listen for the response.
  • Movement: Allow your body to move spontaneously. Do these movements speak to you? Do they tell a story or bring up any new awareness?

Finally, be persistent. It may take a few tries before your inner creature trusts you enough to respond. Be sincere. Listen and try to understand. And be willing to act in response, even if you don’t like the message.

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