Holding a Healing Space

I work from a place of compassion and non-judgment. My priorities are your treatment goals and your body’s own healing intentions.

During a craniosacral therapy and somatics session, I allow the treatment plan to organically arise from within you—and I take it at your body’s pace. This means I wait for your body to show me what it wants to do, and I witness and facilitate this process. I am there as the catalyst and support, but your body makes the treatment decisions and does the work.

The one seeking guidance is the guide.

This is different from treatment approaches that apply a “fix” from without. That outward-in work is never as powerful as when we allow change to arise organically from within. I facilitate healing from the inside out. This produces deeper, more lasting change. And it gets at the underlying root or pattern behind the dysfunction, rather than continuing to deal with its surface symptoms.

Profound healing can be gentle.

People sometimes expect deep healing, especially on an emotional level, to be hard or cathartic. I don’t believe healing has to be hard to be effective. And cathartic processes (ones in which you experience a lot of painful emotions or relive a trauma), have the potential to be retraumatizing. I do not seek catharsis. I believe that profound healing can be gentle, and I help pace sessions at a speed that is safe and productive for you.

Lotus 2_resizedHealing happens when the conditions are right, when you feel safe and when you have sufficient resources—both inner strengths and outer support—to allow old energies to process and release. I work to build your resources, to hold safety and confidentiality, to honor your boundaries and needs, to pace the work appropriately, and above all, to trust the wisdom of your body and the healing intentions of the life-force within.

How Long Does Healing Take?

That depends. It depends on how long a pattern of dysfunction has built up in your body, on how vital or depleted your life-force is, and on whether past trauma has got your body’s energy locked up in fight-or-flight or freeze states. It depends on how safe you feel.

Many people see dramatic improvements in pain or other conditions in just 1–3 sessions. Other times, people need to complete a course of treatment over time to revitalize a depleted system, to awaken energies that have become locked up by trauma, to uncouple the many overlaid issues that can become part of a chronic pattern, or to feel safe in the therapeutic relationship.

After just one session, almost all people notice the immediate benefits of greater relaxation, a calmer mind, and in many cases, improved sleep.