Biodynamic craniosacral therapy involves a light, listening touch that stimulates your body’s self-healing ability.

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a gentle form of bodywork that can produce profound healing. This subtle-touch bodywork wakes up the body’s life-force energy to release restrictions and allow healing.

During a treatment, I gently intend to hold your body, tune in to your health, and “listen deeply” with my hands and whole self. I am feeling/listening to slow, deep rhythms that move through your core, between cranium and sacrum, as well as through your whole body. These rhythms are created by the body’s life-force energy as it moves through the fluids and breathes the cells.

In essence, the body is like a giant, fluid-filled sac. And it doesn’t take much to get the fluids in that sac to rock. Indeed, the movement of our inner sea is not so different from its oceanic roots. It has faster waves near the surface and slower, deeper tides. When I put my hands on a body, or tune in through distance craniosacral therapy, I can feel those waves and tides.

The body is a living, breathing unit. Restriction in one area affects the health and vitality of the whole.

I am also listening to how the energy and fluids detour around stuck areas. Restrictions and inertia can affect any part or system in your body. For example, they might involve:

  • Jamming between bones in the head causing headaches or TMJ pain
  • Inflammation in the tissues, as with a slipped disc or sprained ankle
  • Emotional pain held in the muscles, causing them to tighten up and ache
  • Dysfunction in the gut that is interfering with digestion
  • Shock energy held in the nervous system, creating stress and trauma symptoms

In response to my witnessing presence, the body’s health energy wakes up and moves into areas that need healing. Then, as I wait, the body uses that energy to release the restriction itself, from the inside out. I am the catalyst, but the body makes the change.

 A (Very) Brief History

Cranio Hands_optCraniosacral therapy comes from osteopathy, which uses gentle manual adjustments to release restrictions between bones and tissues, allowing more fluid and energy in for healing. As some of the early osteopaths worked, their adjustments became more and more subtle, until they realized that if they just held the body in the right way and listened to its rhythms and energy, the body would adjust itself. Craniosacral therapists work with the body’s deep intelligence, helping the body tap into its own energy and heal itself.

Who Can it Help?

Distance biodynamic craniosacral therapy can help if:

  • You are in physical pain. Have a recent injury? Or an old one that never healed well? Deal with neck or back pain, headaches, arthritis, or other chronic pain? Perhaps other treatments haven’t helped or you’ve run out of options with conventional medicine.
  • You are stressed out. Insomnia? Fatigue? Nagging headaches? Poor digestion? Anxiety? Teeth grinding? Tense, aching muscles? These are all signs of chronic stress. Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is deeply calming to the central nervous system. It helps your body rest and reset.
  • You are in emotional pain. Emotional pain and trauma don’t just reside in the mind. These unprocessed energies get locked in your body’s tissues. Using craniosacral therapy and somatic verbal skills, I can help your body gently process these energies.
  • You are run down. You are chronically tired or you catch every virus that makes the rounds. Perhaps you haven’t felt like yourself since a particular incident or period in your life. Your health and resilience need to be supported and rebuilt.
  • You want to grow as a person. Do you feel disconnected from parts of yourself? Would you like to reconnect with your body in order to deepen your awareness of self? Grounding your awareness firmly in your body and reconnecting with numb or closed-off parts can lead to profound realizations and healing.

Have Questions? Ready to Get Started?

My practice, located in western Massachusetts, is entirely remote. All distance healing is based on craniosacral therapy and somatic dialogue skills such as Somatic Experiencing®. Reach out to schedule or learn more!